31 Days of Horror: 12-23

Here is my catch up post. I may double back and post some analysis for a few. But otherwise: enjoy. 

12. Don’t Breathe. Amazing film. Must see. 

13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Classic slasher. The blueprint. 

14. Creep. Original and genuinely good. 

15. The Invitation. Please watch this. Amazing. I really enjoyed this one. It stuck with me. To this day. 

16. The Houses October Built. Original spin on found footage. Love it. A sequel dropped this month check it out. 

17. Area 51. Really good found footage. A plot I’ve never seen. Sci-fi meets terror. 

18. The Devils Rejects.  Great slasher! Awesome soundtrack too. Love you Rob Zombie! Oh.  Check out his newer film 31. 

19. Jennifer’s Body. Megan Fox is in this, helllo. 

20. An American Werewolf in Paris. Love this movie. I’ve loved it since I was a kid. One of my favorites. 

21. Grave Encounters. Suprising gem in the found footage genre. Check it out. 

22. Leprechaun. A classic! A must see during your lifetime. 

23. At The Devil’s Door. Genuinely creepy. Cool plot. The scares deliver. 

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