31 Days of Horror: 24

Creep 2

 So I watched Creep 2 last night and holy fuck lol what a weird movie. Good. Enjoyable. But weird. 

This sequel of course has Josef (Mark Duplass) from the first film who has taken on the new name Aaron. Yeah like the Aaron that he killed in the first movie. He puts up an ad for a videographer that Sara responds to. Sara has a YouTube show were she answers weird ads and records it so she goes to do this looking for a challenge and a real adventure. 

She gets to Aaron’s and he tells her he’s a serial killer and wants to make a film about it. 

Number one I didn’t know how this was going to turn out. Was Aaron going to kill Sara? Was Sara going to kill Aaron? Was Sara going to join Aaron and they be this killer couple? Honestly the whole thing was like a romance movie but it wasn’t. It was a “will they won’t they” the whole time. It was weird but it worked. 

The plot was great. The scares were adequate. Peachfuzz was back and it was bloody. Mark Duplass was terrifying and unpredictable. Couldn’t ask for more in a sequel. 

There’s a surprise. Well quite a few. But a particular one I won’t spoil. You’ll hate me for not warning you but whatever. It’s Halloween. Treat or trick! Also. I’m going to post my  catchup list for the month today. Promise! 

And shoutouts to Jason Blum and Blumhouse (hire me.) They’ve got the Midas touch. 

My IMDb rating: undecided. 

Should you watch this? Yes!

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