31 Days of Horror: 10

It (2017)

I LOVED this movie. It was so good. I am a huge Stephen King fan. Pretty much grew up on his stuff because my mother (bless her wonderful heart) loved his books. So I got to read them and see the movies. Anywho. 

This does the original JUSTICE. 

We know the plot. Some kids are terrorized by a shape shifting demon who mostly appears as a clown. This new film shows what happens as the face off with Pennywise the first time. Doesn’t show them when they return as adults. (I suspect this will be what the sequel is about). 

This shit was scary. I mean never in quite awhile have I been genuinely on edge watching a movie. And it was graphic. YESS! Spoiler. He bit a kids arm off! What kind of twisted shit is this. I loved it. The visuals were amazing. The acting by these kids was phenomenal. Truly. 

Bill Skarsgard was such a damn good Pennywise. I didn’t think I’d like it more than Tim Curry’s but I did. 2017 Pennywise was so terrifying. And funny. Lol. I mean there’s some parts that I laughed at but it was like scared laugh. 

There are some triggering moments. Some suggestive scenes. But that’s to be expected if you know anything about the original material. 

But this is definitely a must-see. I plan on going again. 

Stephen King you beautiful man. Add another hit to your record book! 
My IMDb rating: 10/10


Should you watch this? To quote Big from Sex and the City, “abso-fucking-lutely  

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