31 Days of Horror: 9

The Conspiracy 

If you are a conspiracy theorist. This is for you. 

If you are not a conspiracy theorist. This can still be for you. 

Lol. Seriously. What a gem of a movie. It is found footage. So be aware of that. (I love found footage but others don’t). Anyway. Plot here: some guys are trying to uncover the truth about this secret society. Illuminati, Free Mason type shit. And they end up DEEP into it. 

There’s an ever present feeling of anxiety, and excitement about getting to the bottom of some serious conspiracies. There are some very intense moments. Some good scares. I am a conspiracy theorist, maybe not an extreme one but yeah. Anyway. This movie was right up my alley. 

Just a really good gem. I believe I found it on Netflix a few years ago. But you can rent it on Amazon now. 

My IMDb rating: 7/10


Should you watch this? I say yes. Can’t hurt. 

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