31 Days of Horror: 6


If you haven’t seen this yet, make this movie the next thing you see.

Brief synopsis, Kevin, played by James McAvoy, is a man who has been diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities. A few of them get together and kidnap three girls, one of whom is the main character (Anya Taylor-Joy). Who was also in The Witch, but I digress. And apparently there’s a 24th personality that hasn’t emerged yet and that’s the real monster. 

This is a M. Night Shyamalan written and directed film, so you know the caliber of art you’re getting here is top tier. And as always, there’s that infamous plot twist. That being said, I won’t mention any specific spoilers. His movies work best if you know nothing going into it. Then you have to scrape what you think you know because it’s wrong.

The message behind this film is something that I thought was amazing. “The broken are more evolved.”
You’ll see how that plays into it. 

There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this movie. Acting was phenomenal, writing was solid, exceptional even, and the cinematography was powerful. 

There are some triggering scenes. TRIGGERING. So fair warning. But this is a really good film. There’s some tie-ins to another movie of his and it sets up another movie currently being filmed (Glass). So if you’re a Shyamalan fan, you’ll leave this movie feeling completely satisfied. 

My iMDB rating: 10/10


Should you watch this? YES! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

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