31 Days of Horror: 5

The Wailing

What a great foreign horror film!

A bit of background. The movie takes place in a small village in South Korea. It follows a cop who is investigating deaths that seem to be linked to a mysterious disease. Per local gossip it seems that everything bizarre starting happening when a Japanese man moved into a remote secluded home in the mountains. They say he is like an evil spirit and he’s making people sick. While the cop is investigating this his daughter gets sick and this drives him to solve the case.

Now I truly don’t want to spoil the particulars on this because, while it seems like a slow burn, this really is a gem of a movie, it’s worth every second of watching. So much happens.

I will say this, it has the heaviness of mistrust. You never know who to believe or what to believe, for that matter. There’s a lot of hysteria, similar to The Crucible. Blame is thrown in every direction. You just don’t feel safe watching this.
And the ending is so good. I was like holy fuck. 

The jump scares are few, but they are there. The real fear doesn’t lie with cheap thrills.

My IMDB rating: 8/10

Should you watch this? Please! Lol. Because I’ve been dying to have someone to talk to about this. It’s good. I promise. 

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