31 Days of Horror: 3

Day 3: As Above, So Below

This is one of my most favorite movies EVER. I have seen this movie at least 15 times. It’s so intelligent and creepy af! 

The main character Scarlett takes a team down into the Catacombs of Paris in search of the Philospher’s Stone. Turns out they actually take a trip through hell and the only way out is to go down. Sound familiar? Dante’s Inferno. They trek through basically each circle of hell, where the punishment is different (and it shows). There’s even a Virgil like dude. Everyone represents something different to the story and it’s really just a great adventure. 

There are so many literary references in this film that I died of happiness. Alchemy, Hermeticism, Christianity, etc. I mean everytime you catch something, it’s amazing. Not to mention the feeling of dread throughout the entire experience. They’re in an underground mass grave! 

My IMDB rating: 9/10


Should you watch this? Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

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