31 Days of Horror: 2

Welcome to Day 2: The Witch

I was DYING to see this movie when I first heard about it. I had to wait so long to see it. When I finally did I wasn’t disappointed. 

This is a period piece. It takes place in 1630s New England. So if you don’t like The Crucible type shit, brace yourself. 

The story follows a family who live on the outskirts of the woods, kinda far out from the nearby settlement. There’s the mother and father, and four kids. Thomasin is the main character here, the family’s eldest daughter. The basic plot is the slow burn of witch hysteria. The “witches” supposedly live in the woods and it’s a lot of shit going on. Blame being thrown. False accusations and fucking Black Philip (watch out for him). 

I really don’t want to spoil anything about this movie because the payoff is in the end and it’s such a fantastic film, I’d hate to ruin that. But I honestly think it’s worth it. The impeding doom surrounding this family and the things hat happen to them, keep you guessing until the very end. It’s a fun and scary adventure to go on. 

My IMDB rating: 9/10


Should you watch this? It’s a slow burn, but worth it. Watch this!

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