31 Days of Horror: 1

Quick intro. Last year I did a 31 Days of Horror, on my tumblr, recommending one horror/thriller movie a day. Gonna bring it back this year. Some of the list is the same, some different. But here goes Day 1:

 Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.
 My favorite of the series. This film introduced some completely different characters to the franchise, as well as a twist in the overall plot. 

We find ourselves following Jesse, a recent high school graduate in LA, who buys a video camera to document, well, everything. He has a couple of friends and they end up following a series of events that involve a classmate who killed someone under the suspicion of being controlled by a witch, his down stairs neighbor. 
The scares were pretty good. And it tied in well with the other movies. The end was a bit wild. But good. Per usual for PA.  Of course this is a found footage film, but it works well. I just love this movie.  
My IMDb Rating: 7/10


Should you watch this? Yes!

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