Kingsman: The Golden Circle

First. I just saw this. I’ll try not to share anything too specific but that’s kind’ve hard if I want to dig into why this one just isn’t as good as the first. It’s just… underwhelming. 

So starting the bottoms line is: Not quite as fantastic as the first one but a wild ride nonetheless. 
Shouldn’t have to name the actors here. I’m sure you know who’s in it. But this sequel shows us that Eggsy has fully embraced his role in the Kingsman organization and he is flourishing. We see him still involved with the princess he saved in the first movie and Harry is still gone. Merlin and Roxy are still with him and I’m glad. It’s a welcome sight. Well SPOILER they both die so that’s that. 

The opening scene starts with a fight. It’s brilliant. I loved it. Actually every fight scene was great! But none of them lived up to the Free Bird fight sequence in the first one. 

We get some answers surrounding Harry because they teased pretty much since the original film came out that he may actually not be dead. Won’t spoil this one. 

The villain, I actually liked this character. ALMOST, almost as much as I liked Valentine in the first one. 

The Statesman were so goddamn cool. I can’t express it enough. Their front being a brewery in Louisville was just the coolest thing ever. And the agents oozed swagger. Spoiler Channing Tatum is not in the move as much as you think he would’ve been. 

Since I don’t want to spoil any specifics, or too many rather, being that it just came out, come back, I may post a follow up maybe next week. Or go watch it then drop me a line and let’s discuss it. 

My IMDB rating: undecided

Should you watch this? Sure. But it will not be like the first one. 

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