Little Evil

What a way to kick off the horror season! I’m going to jump right into it folks. This film comes from the same brilliant minds as Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, and [SPOILER ALERT] Dale is in this (the actor who played him). If you’ve seen Tucker and Dale you will love Little Evil.

This was a right laugh. Great movie. Little Evil is a comedy horror that features Adam Scott as Gary, the new step-father to a weird kid named Lucas. Right off the bat you know something is off with this kid. The mother and new wife, Samantha, seems oblivious to just how odd her child is and frankly it makes this all the more hilarious. Especially considering how everything turns out with the big reveals and all.

Gary struggles to connect with Lucas and worries that he may not be able to build a bond with his new son. The movie is basically Gary trying to step up and be a good father. And it’s honestly hilarious to watch him do so. 

There’s a great plot twist that I won’t spoil. I didn’t see it coming actually, which was refreshing. This film was obviously very reminiscent of The Omen and I think they did it justice.

There are some sidekicks to Gary who made this more funny and I just don’t want to spoil anything about this movie. But Donald Faison is in it and he provided me with one of the biggest laughs of the whole movie.

My IMDB rating: 8/10

Should you watch this? HELLLLLLLLL YESSSSSS!

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