Fallen (2017)

I don’t even know where to begin. This is not the Denzel movie, by the way.  That movie was a classic. This waste of time is something else. Found on Amazon video, I wanted to watch a new movie. Read the synopsis and I’m thinking, I like biblical stuff. Angels and demons. Whatever. So it got me interested. This would be the biggest mistake I made this day. 

It’s like if Twilight was remixed with the Bible. 

And I don’t mean that in a good way. Imagine everything that you hate about Twilight except with angels. On its face, this should’ve been interesting. It’s based off of a book, which I’m sure is much better. But this film just fucking sucked. 

I can’t remember the characters names. Cant even remember the actors. And it was so bad, I don’t even want to go look. For that information, you are in your own. Except, there was one face I recognized, Joely Richardson. 

Basically a high school girl allegedly kills a classmate so they send her to a boarding school for troubled youth. She ends up in a love triangle with the cliche bad boy and the classic “all American” type. Plot twist they are fallen angels, the original fallen. The bad boy serves the devil, the other just refused to pick a side in the great heavenly war. He chose love. (Romantic right).

Anyway the girl is apparently reincarnated every 18 years. And they’ve been in love for centuries but she always dies at 18 and comes back. 

This fucking movie. The angel wings were kinda almost cool but no. The plot was rushed. The gang of angel students were corny as hell. Pun intended. And the characters felt like ones from Twilight. And this whole angsty teen bullshit. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 

A positive, the acting from like two or three actors was good. Decent. But surrounded by all the failure, it didn’t matter. 

A side note, I tend to (apparently) like bad movies. So when I think a movie is bad it means something.

There’s like other books in the series, which would lead me to believe there will be more movies. But I think it’s best they just leave this alone. 
My IMDB rating: 3/10 
Should you watch this? Issa no from me dawg. 

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