It Comes At Night

When I first saw this trailer, to say I was interested would be an understatement. I didn’t go see it in theaters (I know, shame on me) BUT I did buy it on Amazon video. I was so anxious to see it I didn’t mind buying instead of renting. And I was not disappointed. 

It Comes At Night is more of a thriller. It focuses on a family living in a secluded home in the woods. There has been an apparent outbreak of some deadly virus in the world. And they are surving pretty well in isolation. Joel Edgerton plays Paul, the father of the family with his wife Sarah and son Travis. 

Before I hoe into the plot, I gotta say this. Paul is white and Sarah and Travis are black. And there is no explanation regarding this. They are a nuclear family. That’s all we know. That’s refreshing. In the world today we can get bogged down in particulars that shouldn’t really matter as humans. In this film, none of that shit matters. It’s about survival and family. Which make sense. 

But back to it. A stranger, Will, breaks into their home at night. The family finds out that Will was  trying to find water and supplies for his own family living in a remote home nearby. Well 50 miles away but whatever. Nearby. After some discussion Paul and his family decided to let them come to their home. Mistake number 1. 

During the film, the son Travis is going thru some shit. He’s really the main character, in my opinion. He is the driving force behind the plot and provides explanations to any disconnected you may have. Watch him closely. The film opens up with them having to kill his infected grandfather, whom he was really close to. The only real visualization of horror is offered up thru the nightmares that Travis has throughout the movie. But the honest to God real terror is the dreadful feeling of paranoia. Travis trusts the new family. His dad does not. His mother was somewhere in the middle. 

Anywho. It gets real at the height of the film when the door the keep closed at night was mysteriously left open and the blame starts getting thrown around. 

Also the cinematography is fantastic! The way it’s shot was so thoughtful. Visually this is the style film I enjoy. Each shot is like a live photograph and it says a thousand words. It added to the story in a way that, though at times there is no dialogue, you get everything you need. This truly is a piece of art. 
Spoiler alert: there’s an Inception like ending. That I would love to discuss once you see it. I don’t want to spoil it. The pay off for this one lies at the end of watching it in its entirety. 

Moral of this story was: no good deed goes unpunished, mistakes will be made, and family is all you can trust. 

My IMDB rating: 8/10

Should you watch this? YES! 

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