White Gold


I recommended this show to a friend who asked what was good to watch on Netflix. I told her it was truly hilarious and Ed Westwick was in it. Because, let’s face it, that was my initial reason for watching. My friend then said to me she would check it out but she had only seen Ed in Gossip Girl as the infamous Chuck Bass. A role that seemed to be specifically written for him. My response to that was basically the summary to this whole review.

“Then you’ll like this. Ed is great. He’s a bastard in this role, like Chuck. But better.”

There it is folks.

Set in the 80s, White Gold takes you through the world of double glaze (windows) sales, with charismatic salesman, Vincent Swan (Ed Westwick). He leads a team of misfits, Brian and Lavender, working out of a showroom for the owner Walshy.

It comes from the brilliant minds of The Inbetweeners which James Buckley and Joe Thomas starred in as well. They play the characters Brian and Lavender respectively. I personally love British tv and this is right up my alley.

After finishing the series, I was left with a few thoughts. Number one, this is very short. 6 Episodes, 30 minutes each. I was left wanting more. So, I’m anxiously awaiting season 2. Second thing was, this shit is HILARIOUS. Laugh out loud hilarious. I don’t think I’ve ever yelled at my TV so much. There’s a scene involving a parking lot at night, and well, you’ll see for yourself. 

Namely I was left pondering why I was rooting for such a despicable character like Swan. He truly is a piece of shit. He cheated at work, on his wife, with his son’s teacher. He was very manipulative. But I’ll be damned if I didn’t love him. He does so many horrible things to other people who have done nothing to him but you never stop rooting for him.

But I’ll say this, karma works wonderfully in this show, leaving you a sense of justice for Swan’s wrong-doings and sadness because he didn’t make it.

I mean this show will make you question your own moral standards but I LOVED IT.  I’d watch it again. And if we’re being honest about the length. 6 episodes of 30 minutes is short. But it told such an illustrious story in that time frame so well. I don’t think it needed to be anything more than that.


My IMDB rating: 9/10

Should you watch this? HELL YES!

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