The Belko Experiment


From the synopsis and trailer, you can pretty much guess the plot of this movie. That may deter you from watching it, feeling like you already know what’s going to happen. STOP. Rewind. And actually watch this one. It gets better.


The Belko Experiment is about a company, Belko Industries, focusing on a particular office that is located in Colombia. Employees are from all over the world, they even employ some Colombian nationals. As you guessed, they are placed on a lock down, unable to leave the building, and are forced in a kill or be killed type situation.

The film also features a lot of big name actors that you’ll recognize. Tony Goldwyn for one, John McGinley, Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker, etc.

What makes The Belko Experiment interesting is it is the living embodiment of that age-old philosophy question. And that question comes in different forms, with different variables but it is essentially, would you kill one to save a thousand? Save yourself or save another? You get the idea….

That is the crux of this movie. What is better about this is that, once you realize that this question is the movie, you’ll notice how each character is a different answer/different approach to the question. Everyone had a different alignment.

It’s a wild thought. What’s even more terrifying is you’ll wonder who you are in this scenario and what would you do. There is a character, Mike (John Gallagher Jr.), who [SPOILER ALERT: he lives] I found myself more closely aligned with. He had the same thoughts I had the whole time and I think a lot of people would identify with him.

He gets to the end and is forced to kill this last guy alive (I won’t say who ;])  who at this point has killed majority of everyone else, and the character says to him “You didn’t change anything.”

Then you’re thinking back like, sheesh, he really didn’t. Except he didn’t sell himself out to survive, he genuinely did the right thing.

Well turns out it didn’t matter. He killed the people behind it all who were plotting in the other building and the camera zooms out and shows wayyyyyyy more feeds of the same thing going.

So, in the end he changed nothing.  James Gunn, is this what you were aiming for? Pale Blue Dot…

My IMDB rating:  7/10

Should you watch this? Yeah! Check it out. Can’t hurt.

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